Another One Bites the Dust.


To all our loyal fans: The editors of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters are charting a new course and on January 15th, this Facebook page will be closed. 

We invite you to “like” our new home at Salt Water Sportsman, where we’ll continue to share our top tips for stalking your favorite species, the best gear and the hottest salt water fly fishing locations available anywhere.


I had high hopes for this publication. Great photography, a very informative and interesting article on striped bass fishing, a great article on playing tides, and I was only two issues in. 
I found this magazine on a shelf at a local grocery store, which was a surprise, because fly fishing magazines of any type are endangered species in my piece of the shore. I purchased one issue, then two, then subscribed. I had yet to see my next issue in the mail when this message came across my Facebook feed today. The title change foreshadows the future – I can almost smell the gaffed 700lb Tuna and other deep sea charter stories already. 

There are still some great publications. The inimitable Drake continues to lead the pack, and regional publications follow. Print is in trouble as it is, niche print more so. It’s hard to tell what the future holds for writers, photographers, publishers and employees of all those folks in the world of fly fishing. The only thing I know for sure is that the field is getting narrower. Perhaps this means that the writing at the few remaining publications will benefit, as the best work is filtered through the few remaining vehicles. One can only hope the remaining publications are able to hang on. 

On some days, our game seems to be getting bigger. Entry level, cheaper rods and equipment, more books being written, increased online media, blogs, etc. And yet, on other days, small manufacturers are eaten up by the big dogs, another fly shop closes, another magazine bites the dust.

In the state of Delaware there is exactly one fly shop, and about 20 miles from their front door, a big-box Cabelas is set to open in the spring. It’s getting hard to tell what’s good and what’s bad for the sport. One less publication in promotion of fly fishing, however, can never be a good thing. One less fly shop would be equally as damaging. Mine would then be a state without a “real” fly shop. As someone who would love to work in the fly fishing industry, I’m given every indication that I’d be crazy to attempt to fill that void, despite being surrounded by bays, marshes, rivers, lakes, ponds and ocean. There are no customers here, and I can’t afford to make them. For that you need fly fishing magazines, media, fly shops, …..and the cycle continues. 



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  1. Mike Burke

    I have been reading this magazine since I started in the sport in 1999. FFSW was the leader in it’s class and as a printer I really enjoyed the quality in which this magazine was produced. Was sad to hear when they closed shop.

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