Sure Thing.

To my knowledge, there are not many industries left who supply goods they stand behind to the point that, if it breaks, they will fix it, or replace it without so much as a “…what happened?” I recently had a laptop, not a year old, completely fail. The hard drive went bad. It fell a couple of months out of warranty and the manufacturer, a major computer supplier in the world, and the one that rhymes with Smell, did absolutely nothing about it. Did not care, for one second, that their product had failed after 14 months.

Three weeks ago, I was casting my TFO 8wt, and something felt….off. At first I thought maybe I’d been slacking on keeping the line clean and slick, (I had), but then I heard an unusual noise. Upon inspection, a guide in the tip section of the 4-piece had worked loose, and was causing friction. When I got home, I fired off an email to TFO asking for warranty information. I received a friendly email back that said, in short – send it over, we’ll take care of it.

Yesterday it arrived back here – sealed in plastic, clean, and good to go with guides in place. I’m not sure if they replaced the tip section, or re-set the guide – whoever did the work was careful to make it impossible to tell.

After 15 years of buying Smell computers, I write this, my first blog post on my new Hewlett Packard laptop. The same laptop with which I browse for my next TFO rod…..


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  1. I also once had a smell laptop which died right after warranty. We re-ended its life with a hammer in the front yard for delayed satisfaction. Your post made me laugh out loud. Keep it up! I’ve had some TFOs too and you’re definitely right that a good warranty is hard to find.

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