Dry Fly Vodka

Camera 360


Marketing works.

Correction = Good marketing works. (The definition of good marketing varies by the hour).

I make some of my living in the marketing world, from design to placement to campaigns to selling advertising space, which is to say, I market marketing to potential marketers. Even with all that, I still find myself playing the sucker, staring at a wall of vodka in one of those warehouse liquor stores that prides itself on having that booze you can’t find at the 30-pack joint down the street. (Note to Dad – They have that rum you like!) and reaching past familiar favorites Camera 360to grab the bottle with the dry fly painted on the bottle. I fly fish. That must be my vodka. Suckeeeeer!


A corked bottle, a hand-numbered label, and a fly fishing theme. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.  Identification. So, there we go. Sold.

Before cracking the bottle, I learn that Dry Fly is made in Washington in small batches. According to the website, it’s creators were fly fishing, and marveling at the beauty of the Gallatin running over their feet. They decided to share this beauty with the world by making vodka. If that series of events makes any logical sense to you, you are smarter than me. But in the end, all the talk means nothing. Straight up, or in a tall glass cut by seltzer, Dry Fly is delicious, unique, and worth finding.  Even a sucker wins sometimes….

Camera 360


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