Record Striped Bass.

Ben Smith with his potential record-setting striper.

The weather almanac tells me that on December 1st, 1978, Betty Roseu of Pottstown, PA was fishing Indian River Inlet on a foggy day. The visibility was down to 6 miles, and the temperature hovered around 40 degrees. She managed to set a state record in those conditions when a 51lb 8oz striped bass took her bait and and thrust her name in the record books, where it would remain for almost 35 years.

That record may have fallen on a recent, and eerily similar foggy December day, a little warmer than Betty’s record setting afternoon, but only about a week apart on the calendar. A gentleman by the name of Ben Smith went fishing out on Delaware Seashore State Park, and hooked a striped bass with a head bigger than his own. Upon weigh in, the 51 inch fish tipped the scales at about 52lbs.

If that weight is honored by state game officials**, we will have a new state record here in Delaware for striped bass – the first new record in over 30 years.

I hope for Mr. Smith, this record holds. I’m sure it will. Congratulations to him and his buddies for a truly historic fish!

** – This fish has now been confirmed as a new state record.

Images courtesy of DSF.


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