*Not a Fly Shop.

When I discovered that Gander Mountain’s Salisbury, MD store had a “Complete Fly Fishing Shop”, I got excited. The nearest fly shop to me is just shy of two hours away, and while I’d always prefer the local guy over a big box store, the prospect of a convenient location to pick up some flies, replace some gear in a pinch or check out some goodies in-person instead of in pictures was welcome. I pictured something like a Bass Pro setup – A small section of the store lined with fly rods, lines and reels, all kinds of flies, hooks, tying materials and whatever accessories we just can’t live without this year, despite the sport surviving centuries without them. What I found, however, was, ….well, hilarious.

Yes, just beyond the Snow White, Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob fishing outfits lies the “Complete Fly Fishing Shop”. I can accurately account for it’s inventory – Three Scientific Anglers starter kits, leader material, backing, some packaged flies, Gink, three identical floating lines and some line clippers and forceps.

To be fair, the beginner can go here and be outfitted for their local urban waters. You can buy an 8 weight and some poppers and go fish for bass. But ….a “Complete Fly Fishing Shop”? Hardly! Half of a small shop aisle does not a fly shop make.

Does this qualify as false advertising?


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