Except Trout.

The truth is, this water is stocked with trout by the state, and they want you to keep them because it’s tough for a trout to survive the summer here. None the less, being that this is just a piece of paper carelessly taped to the sign, I instantly pictured the rogue fisherman creeping up to this sign in the wee hours, and planting his alibi in case the ranger found him with a full creel at days end. I had to laugh…..



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2 responses to “Except Trout.

  1. Dude, where did this blog come from? I live in Maryland and used to spend most of my work days in Delaware from 2000-2004 and 2006-2008. I always found it hilarious that DNREC stocked White Clay or Red Clay or whatever that park is in Newark, with trout, AND REQUIRED A TROUT STAMP. LOL. Saw your post on G+ and looking forward to reading more posts. Almost all of my work is now in the Annapolis area and I don’t get to hunt or fish in Delaware anymore on a consistent basis 😦

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