Horsey & The Northern River Otter.

Fishing Horsey Pond requires a boat as far as I can tell. Boat ramp fishing is hampered by overhanging trees and the rest of the shoreline appears to be either a part of somebody’s private back yard, or is lined with dense forest. I walked over two entry points and  never found an area from which I could fish, which was disappointing because Horsey has been described to me as one of the more dense populations of largemouth bass in the area. I didn’t get to survey for myself.

Those little sets of eyes looking back at me belong to two of three Northern River Otters that lingered around the boat ramp as I watched, and as they watched me. I took them as a bad sign for fishing off the boat ramp, but a good sign that they lived here at all. They would duck and then surface a few feet away, and stare some more, but they soon went back to focus mainly on chasing each other; Otters being among the animals that share the human species’ capacity to do things just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Sometimes, even when the fishing is non-existant, I still see something I wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t, at least try, to go fishing.


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