Disorganized Chaos, Tying, Bugs.

This is ridiculous.

Yes, I was up until the wee hours last night fooling with flies and maybe enjoying a drink or so. But what the heck are   …are those channel locks?

My problem, besides the fact that I’m just messy, is that I keep everything stored on hooks or nails in the wall. This means I usually have to remove some other things to get the things I want. White deer hair? behind the red, black, and yellow deer hair. So now, all the deer hair is lying on the desk. Size 8 hooks? Behind the size 12,……you get the drift.

Containers, through which I can sort, and in which I can store materials, seemed the obvious choice, and also a portable one, which will come in handy when the garage gets too damn cold to sit in over winter. I commandeered an old tackle box and stole some tupperware, and before long things were looking a little more orderly.

I am, by no measure, a great, nor prolific fly tier. In fact, I’m still pretty new to it. I only try to keep the materials I regularly need for the flies I tie most often, and I don’t require a lot of space to do this, so being such a slob is just a simple case of poor form. I’ve seen people on the internet and in magazines who have built entire additions to their houses to accommodate the metric ton of hair and hackle they have at hand; every stretch of flash and marabou they could get their hands on. Certainly, if making flies is your business, that makes sense, but if you tie out of habit, enjoyment or necessity, I just find myself wondering if you ever get the time to go fishing. But they somehow manage to keep it clean and tidy, although it probably wasn’t until the guy with the camera showed up.

So, I cleaned up my space for the cameras, too. I don’t think I’ll be building an addition on my home any time soon. No, for me, just a simple, orderly space and enough of the materials I use most to make the flies I use most often. And now that my little corner of the garage is in a better state of organization and I’ve had some sleep, I might as well sit here and tie myself a poppin’ frog and a big ugly woolly.


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