The Styrofoam Fly Box

This may be the crudest of all the home-made fly boxes thus far, but it’s also among the simplest and cheapest, and it works great.

This is a photo case. I don’t see too many actual paper photographs these days, but I’m happy the continue to make boxes for them. I found this one at Michael’s Arts and Crafts for 89 cents.

Also at Michael’s, I found this sheet of styrofoam. 1$ for a 3 x 1 sheet.

Now, you could take your time, cut out a nice interior in the shape of your box, or you can do it the completely lazy, but very quick way, as I did. Simply turn the box over on the styrofoam, and apply firm downward pressure to the container side. This crisp, but brittle styrofoam will mold, and cut, into a shape that roughly resembles the outline of your fly box interior.

Apply superglue to the bottom of your fly box, insert your styrofoam interior, and put something heavy on it while the glue takes hold.

Add flies, and go fishing.

Total cost = $1.89, with tons of styrofoam left for future projects.



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2 responses to “The Styrofoam Fly Box

  1. agitatedangler

    I wish I would have thought of this before.

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