Bluegill, etc.


An afternoon trip to nearby Trap Pond State Park today was made all the more pleasant, considering the date, by willing bluegill hanging around in relatively shallow water and eating bugs. Not a phenomenon, just a stroke of fishing luck when the pickerel and bass refused to cooperate.

I walked out onto a dock and found the fish hiding out under low-hanging branches. Being that my girlfriend had pointed out several spiders on our walk down the water’s edge, I tied on a foam spider, because that’s as close I am to being an entomologist, and caught a handful of them, until the spider fly became limp and waterlogged.



Other than that, I’ve been updating Fly & Gin headquarters with new machinery, which is the best spin I can put on the fact that the old stuff broke. Fly & Gin now comes to you via an iMac. And so far, I like it.


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