Fall, Winter, Baseball, Fishing, and the promise of the Sweet Season….

The fishing is not yet over in my neck of the woods, and nor will it be completely over, but the writing is on the wall, the view from my back porch expanding as the leaves settle to the lawn, and the slow fishing and icy lake shores are definitely around the proverbial bend. That bush was a brilliant green just a month ago, and Thanksgiving plans are being made as I write. The alarm bells of nature and time are ringing.

So, it’s time to consider preparations for Spring, when baseball season and fishing season will come to life along with everything else. I’ll be organizing my tying desk, stocking up on materials, and filing fly boxes for next season while I keep abreast of the Philadelphia Phillies off-season moves. The birds and the striped bass are moving south, the foxes digging in. I’m thinking about that trip to Utah in March to chase rainbow trout with an old friend.

We are all, in our own way, preparing for the sweet season ahead.



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2 responses to “Fall, Winter, Baseball, Fishing, and the promise of the Sweet Season….

  1. For a brief second, I thought that bush was flowering…and that you’d posted some old spring photos. Wow…it is is brilliant in fall! The sweet season has already come to me up in the mountains, and I feel like I’m “digging in” like the foxes.

    Really lovely post here. Thanks.

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