Quick Hits/Link Pond

It’s been all work and fishing, (wah!) so I’m just going to toss a few loose ends in here and call it a blog post. Some stuff more worthy of your time coming soon…..


The Wino’s Fly Box

Old painted Altoid can, a few botles of wine, some glue, and there you have it.



Why, I oughta…..


You are NOT a trout! But it was fun catching you anyway…..



I think a Pickeral got my popper. It was brand new and had endured a whopping two casts before this….


Around the web….


Moldy Chum on Wild B.C. salmon testing positive for ‘lethal’ virus linked to fish farms .

Fishing Jones posts a video of Albacore blitzing that will make your palms sweat.

MidCurrent on the proper procedures for setting reel drag.

Field & Stream’s Fly Talk demonstrates the No-Tool Whip Finish.






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