The Dollar Store Fly Box

Recently, I posted my DIY Altoid Fly Box; A great little tin box for taking small flys to the local waters. But these boxes tend to be a little small for my larger saltwater flys.  So, in my hunt for a larger box, I went to the Dollar General, a local dollar store, and an often overlooked resource for fly fishing gear. In the past, I’ve purchased my line clippers, boxes, foams, threads, scissors, etc all all at much cheaper prices than you can find online or in tackle stores.

In the school supplies section, I came across this box.


It has no dividers inside, and a latching lid. Perfect for a fly box.

I keep a supply of inexpensive closed-cell foam pads. These have a thousand uses, including making flys and as anchor sheets inside fly boxes. They have a sticky back, so no glue is required for this project. Simply use the container as your stencil, and using an exacto knife, cut the desired shape out of a sheet. You may need to trim it down slightly to make it fit.


When you have the size right, simply peel off the backing and set the foam inside your box.


Add your large fly collection……



…and away you go. I added one of my free Orvis stickers to the lid for a little personalization, and my box is ready to use.


Total cost of this fly box? Less that $1.25.




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2 responses to “The Dollar Store Fly Box

  1. I love it! I make boxes like that too. I have the reputation of a cheap bastard fly fisherman. But that doesn’t bother me when I have a $2 fly box and the guy next to me has a $59 bugger barn. How do you justify paying 60 bucks for a plastic box? “But it’s made in Montana” Says the idiot shopper. You can sell anything to the fly fishing community as long as it costs too much. It’s good to meet another fly guy with some common sense. My next project is Copenhagen can fly boxes.

  2. I like it! I’m always on the lookout for new containers that can be made into fly boxes…..

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