Barge Fishing

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has moored a cargo barge along a nearby canal. With it’s banks flush with vegetation, this is usually a tough piece of water to fish. It’s a tidal canal of brackish water, meaning various targets for casting, so I hope the good people at DNREC don’t mind that I’ve taken full advantage of their equipment while it sits dormant.

The open platform allows for cleaner, easier casting, and because the barge sits very close to the bed of the canal, the passing water is narrowed considerably.

The barge is not without it’s own collection of inconveniences; There are cleats waiting to snag your working line…..

…column holes in the deck, waiting for you to fall in to them…..

…and mooring lines to be tripped over, or to snag a line or fly.

But, with just a little care, this platform provides a much improved spot from which to cast a fly rod compared with the brushy, unforgiving banks. I’ve caught Croaker, Perch, Striped Bass, and Flounder in this water on spinning tackle in years past, so I’m grateful to DNREC for unintentionally improving my fishing along a lonely canal full of fish, and providing an “on the water” view of the canal.


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