The Silver Lake Tribe

I pulled over just beyond the low bridge. Having just about 20-30 minutes to kill, and the ever present spinning tackle in the back of my truck, I thought I’d toss a jig under the bridge a few times and try to lure out a Bass.  But as soon as I looked down into the water, I was met by 40 little faces staring back at me, mouths agape, slurping at the surface.

I’m unsure what they were eating. It wasn’t immediately visible, but here was a large congregation of stout Carp, and I was without a fly rod, although, given the surroundings of the area where one can fish, casting would prove very difficult even if I had. None the less, it’s good to see the Silver Lake Carp Tribe in abundance. I will catch up with them again soon, if I’m lucky…..


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Filed under Carp, Fishing, Fishy Water

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