White Perch

There’s a patch of water, a tidal canal, where I used to take a spinning outfit and toss floating hooks tipped with artificial blood worms.  I’d pull up a mixed bag of croaker, spot, the occasional flounder or striper. And then sometimes you could find yourself in a cloud of white perch. Traveling in schools, they appear in the water in large numbers for repeated takes, and when they are gone, they are truly so.

Considering flies for white perch; It seems the woolly bugger would be a wise selection. Down in the water column, drifting.  Another blog suggests the Clouser. Any bonefish fly should work.

I’ll have a small area to operate in, with vegetation on both sides. Hopefully I can cast to the opposite bank, where I used to catch them in years past, and find them on the drift.

White Perch put up an admirable fight for their size, and, in some places,  is on that list of aquatic outcasts, labeled a destructive nuisance. Here, they are just passing through with the tides. A steady population, targeted by only a handful of fisherman. Apparently a tasty fish to eat, but I wouldn’t know, having never tried one. I’m a catch & release fisherman as a daily operating procedure, but I’m not opposed to taking a couple of a fish so abundant and healthy….and, apparently, tasty.

Feel free to leave any hints and tips you may have for White Perch. It’s time to check off another species.


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